"My people are destroyed....

Man fears what he has no knowledge of. Once he understands it, the fear is gone. the mystery is taken away once knowledge arrives. It's the same thing with the matters of faith when we don't understand how to apply your faith in a given situation, we become skeptical, judgmental, afraid, and unbelieving. But once we understand how it works, the confusion is removed, the mystery is taken away. Amen,

Saturday, July 1, 2017

You Don't Deserve A Name

Fear you have always consumed me whenever I got fired from a job or raising my children as a single parent, or the past failed relationships. I thought it was me, or something lacking in me, but I realized that it was the enemy planting lies in my mind about who he was trying to destroy.

The biggest challenge I've had was my relationship with my Mother and the love I felt I was missing from her, that I so desperately needed as a young woman growing up. When I speak to my sisters, we all bear pain/scars from our past of not having the loving kind of relationship with her or the reaffirmation of her feminity and love for her daughters. But I realized as I've grown as a parent. That she herself has been through a painful past that she still bears scars from. There were times in my past and not to distant future, that I did not fill adequate enough to be in a healthy relationship because of the abuse I suffered as a child. My sister and I experienced this traumatic experience when we were young and I think that we are in some way as we became parents, handling it the best way we can.

Fear, all the lies that you have told me because of my past. I have turned them into my fuel to fail forward. The jobs I've gotten fired from in the past, that was their loss for not recognizing an extraordinary individual. I function with the mind of Christ and refuse to be a victim, those that bless you will be blessed and those that curse me will be cursed Genesis 12:3; Wow! What an amazing Intro, or shall I say the truth about the past of a not so perfect childhood.

Those that hurt as my Pastor friend said, hurt people, hurt others. Singles, if you are experiencing hurt or things from your past that leads you to the same dysfunctional type of relationships. Today it ends here, stands in front of your mirror and say "Carol" I love you, you are a beautiful person, an excellent Mother; you will have a healthy family life, and success in your career, nothing shall prevent the Will of God for your life. Satan I cast you out of any situation that concerns me or my family.

The friendships that were not authentic, God will replace those imposters with authentic bonds. Live your life loved regardless of who's in it. As long as you have Jesus Christ of Nazareth nothing can stop you from becoming who he has called you to be, lack is not your portion, poverty is not your portion; Favor locates you everywhere you go!


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