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Man fears what he has no knowledge of. Once he understands it, the fear is gone. the mystery is taken away once knowledge arrives. It's the same thing with the matters of faith when we don't understand how to apply your faith in a given situation, we become skeptical, judgmental, afraid, and unbelieving. But once we understand how it works, the confusion is removed, the mystery is taken away. Amen,

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why are we living pay check to pay check?

Are we really working towards a goal? or moving further away from the Pursuit of Happiness?

                                                "The Decade of Prosperity"

The economy overall grew by 37% during the 1950s. At the end of the decade, the median American family had 30% more purchasing power than at the beginning. Inflation, which had wreaked havoc on the economy immediately after World War II, was minimal, in part because of Eisenhower's persistent efforts to balance the federal budget. Except for a mild recession in 1954 and a more serious one in 1958, unemployment remained low, bottoming at less than 4.5% in the middle of the decade. Source: 

Case in point! Today's economy is not progressing in the way our four fathers would have imagined. The ultimate decision of one person can determine your life when you work for a company with dysfunctional individuals that cannot separate home from work or vise versa. The economy has been up and down just like these past few years for me looking for work. I have decided to stop depending on someone else's vision and start being a visionary for my own success. Starting with surrendering everything to God my lord and savior Jesus Christ and allowing him to use me in a way that will allow the universe to attract the natural elements that was intended for my destiny. So, that being said, what about the economy, and our current administration. President Obama and his cabinet are doing a great job of putting fundamental resources and vital services back in place for Americans. As setforth, Eisenhower's economy is what enable our parents to establish what most of us inherited or the company that was passed down to us. 

The Black community in which I represent is declining in the lower income neighborhoods due to intentional segregation, resources and the lack of support for good programs to empower our communities to be self reliant. We have a host of other races living in our communities that are non black non Americans, but benefit from our hard earn dollars and sweat. 

Although the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s has gained greater prominence, the black aesthetic movement in mid-twentieth-century Chicago also produced an influential flowering in the arts. The “Great Migration” brought tens of thousands of southern African Americans to the city, where they contributed to the development of an urban culture reflected in the visual and performing arts, literature, and music. Chicago became a pioneering center for recording and performing music. The Chicago Defender promoted black fine arts and publicized the works of artists and the institutions that supported and nurtured their creativity. The South Side Community Art Center and the New Deal's Works Progress Administration nourished artistic creativity and organized art workshops for black citizens. Source: http://www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org/pages/240.html

Their is no secret that we are very competent and capable of success and owing empires to produce effective non crime ridden neighborhoods. The misconception of us are those who pray on the weak and take advantage by bribing our communities with the promise of more financial support. We have and still to this day are grounded, beautiful, spiritual, educated people. The world will have you think that all you need is a higher degree, but as we saw in the past and continue to see in this economy the lack of integrity and character in a lot of western society that is flawed.