"My people are destroyed....

Man fears what he has no knowledge of. Once he understands it, the fear is gone. the mystery is taken away once knowledge arrives. It's the same thing with the matters of faith when we don't understand how to apply your faith in a given situation, we become skeptical, judgmental, afraid, and unbelieving. But once we understand how it works, the confusion is removed, the mystery is taken away. Amen,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Risking it all to discover yourself

Hi guys,

     Carol here! giving you the secrets to how I found myself, and being comfortable in my own skin. I know it's been a while since my last post. Well actually a year or so, due to some unforeseen circumstances with my family. The thought of changing careers to pursue my passion for those around me sound crazy. What? you are not going to law school? No! it all came to a halt after I heard one of Oprah's life classes and she interviewed J.K Rowlings, and it hit me! that in order to find my soul purpose, true happiness, and piece of mind I needed to write it down on paper. It's like the poems that automatically comes to me, or the passion in my heart when I choreographer dance steps in my head while my body is secretly dancing like no one's watching.

     Also, like the best chapter of my life is me, and the things, people and other cultures that I have embraced as my own. J.K. Rowling's story was that still small voice saying. What are you waiting for, yes I 'm talking to you Carol, put it on paper. In life there is a saying that "if it wasn't written then it didn't happen". source unknown. The facts! nothing, but the facts! How she felt before she was noticed and how Harry Potter became the success it is today. On November 8th I hosted an event at the Asian Arts Initiative and one of my members made a very good point. Write, just write, don't think about the structure, grammatical mistakes. So, that brings me to this! Ah! when I woke up this morning and checked Facebook  there was this photo of this sister rocking her locks/natural hair so I pursued to look at all of them and it reaffirmed my beauty and Identity as a black woman.

     Although,  I am no J.K. Rowling's I am ready to tackle the world. In addition, like Rowling's I was a single parent of three daughters and we had some diverse challenges, but I win always!  First, ladies  let me tell you, when you invest and believe in yourself, and the divine presences of God's will. Defeat is impossible! The greater one lives in me, I know who I am.  As my friend Jean said, some guys are not ready for a  genuine and intelligent woman who know's who she is and what she wants. That being said, The focus has always remained on God, me, family and my career.

     Furthermore, never spend time on something or someone that was never meant to be yours in the first place. It's goes without saying how blessed I am to have my daughters who are my jewels and are all grown women well into their own lives. One class away from my B.S. degree, and now seeing what Jobs and Bill Gates felt when they listened to their hearts and followed their passions. Jobs, the creator of Apple, life story was a blessing and inspiration. His story stayed with me the most. Bill Gates and Jobs both went against the grain and followed their heart and passion.

     Finally, the secret to me finding my happiness was hitting rock bottom and yielding to the spirit and allowing God to take what I thought I lost and create a new chapter. Although I am making progress.  I am confident that this is just the beginning and I will be writing novels in the future. J.K. Rowlings story and her life as for many woman who are left to raise children on their own were epic inspirations to achieve my success in completing my B.S. degree and taking some time to really develop my skills and sole purpose for my existence.